Fantasy cakes

2 january 2018

The ENZO Café offers a wide selection of pastries and cakes.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the e-shop, contact us with an outline of your cake ideas (what’s the event? what shape do you have in mind? how big should it be? do you have a design in mind?) and together we’ll design your cake and have our expert bakers create it.

As special orders need more time and dedication, we do ask you to place your order a few days before the event.

Our head patissier would be happy to meet you here at the ENZO Café to discuss all the details.

Contact our head patissier on:
Phone number: +372 607 11 50


Unique fantasy cake – price per kilo 35 €

Specially decorated marzipan-curd cheesecake – 1 kg 14.00 €, extra marzipan 3.60 € and/or extra chocolate 2.70 €

Depending on difficulty of design an extra fee may be applied.

We take also orders every day at the ENZO Cafe or on the telephone +372 607 11 50